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Our Elevator Speech

Public relations gurus say you should be able to provide an overview of your company and the services it offers in the time span of an average elevator ride…typically 30 seconds to two minutes. DB’s corporate offices are on the 10th floor…about a 45-second ride in morning rush hour. So, here goes the DB elevator speech.


Start the Clock

DB a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)​, partners with government and commercial clients in the aeronautics, defense, education, health, homeland security, housing, justice, and social programs arenas. We focus our time and talent on nine core areas of expertise:


• Information Technology and Security


• Health and Clinical Services, including Program Planning and Development, Research and Policy Studies, Health Communications and Social Marketing, and Health Informatics


• Program Management and Support


• Peer Review and Grants Management


• Research and Evaluation


• Training and Technical Assistance


• Systems Development and Operations


• Communications Services


• Conference and Meeting Logistics



DB employs more than 400 professionals to provide these services. We serve our clients from our corporate headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and eight satellite and client-site offices located across the country.


At DB, we believe the greatest progress is made―and the greatest success achieved―when consultants work “with” clients, rather than “for” them. We believe the most effective project teams combine knowledge with proven experience. And, we believe you should never promise what you cannot deliver…and deliver well.


Want to Spend a Little More Time with Us?

To learn more about DB, spend some time on our website or give us a call at (301) 363-2790.



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