Research & Evaluation

Helping Clients Measure Progress and Reach their Objectives


The importance of research cannot be underestimated. Its results can impact future policies; program funding; lifestyles and behaviors; scientific developments; technology, bioengineering, and biomedical acquisitions and applications; and public opinion. From identifying research objectives, to designing studies and sample specifications, to forming and testing hypotheses, to developing methodologies, to analyzing data and reporting findings, DB provides expertise in research and evaluation.


Research Services


DB employs a variety of data collection methods, including structured and unstructured interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and literature reviews.


Analytical and Statistical Support Services


Once all data have been collected, DB employs the latest technology and techniques for data mining and analyzing secondary data sets, and we develop algorithms for exploring data and searching for patterns and relationships. We present the findings in comprehensive research reports that range from highly technical presentations for a scientific audience to presentations aimed at community-based audiences.


Program Evaluation

To help clients determine the effectiveness of their programs, DB conducts key informant interviews, as well as employs other qualitative data collection methods to gain stakeholder input. We employ logic models and other evaluation approaches. DB’s program evaluation experience includes:


• Finding evidence of whether a specific program is meeting expectations

• Determining whether a given program or project is being implemented as planned and on time and within budget

• Determining whether a program or initiative is on track and how it may be improved

• Testing theories and building models for generalizing programs across multiple settings




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